This is real I have been Healed

Close to a year ago I attended several of your meetings at City Temple in Cardiff. I ended up down the front, not by my own will, but by God's and experienced what I now believe to be deliverance from Bi Polar Affective Disorder (manic depression). This has plagued my life and the last 10 years have been a struggle to say the least. Since that meeting, when you laid hands on me and said “A renewing of your mind, never the same again" I have been set free. I haven't taken medication for almost a year, as whenever I have since that night, it was sedated me. I have stopped seeing my psychiatrist and my support workers. I haven’t suffered a single day's depression since that day or have had to retire to bed for days on end torturing myself with feelings of non-worthiness. I am a different Dad to my 5 kids. It's wonderful. I am currently getting off sickness benefit (which I’ve been on for close to 10 years) and I am in the process of starting my own business. I feel great. Many thanks for your great ministry. I know that it is God who healed me, but you are a mighty man of God who is being used to great effect. I just wanted to share this testimony with you. This is real I have been Healed. Amen. God Bless you and your family.

Govilon, Wales, UK


found joy in my life again

Where do I begin, I'm a single mom of 3 young men. Struggling for some time and both cars breakdown at once and 2 high bills all do at once. Friday Aug. 26th I broke down and felt as if I was drowning and wave after wave was crashing down on me. Then God sent an angel and took some of that burden away. Then Sunday me and my family were in church and heard Roy speak. I found joy in my life again and peace like never before. I love what God has done and the people he has used to touch my life along with my sons. We are in awe of his great love. All Praise Be to God My Father!!

Gaffney, SC


What else can I say but God is so awesome

What else can I say but God is so awesome. What was mind blowing is the word of knowledge that came out first was about a left knee. I confess that did not want to come up at first. (I don't know why I resist God's voice sometimes, maybe it was pride) but anyways, my wife nudged me and asked, “Don’t you have a bad knee?" I said, "Yeah." She asked, "Which one?" I hung my head, sheepishly smiled and pointed to my left one. Her eyes got big and she said, "Go on up there!" See I had knee surgery on my right knee at age 18. And since then my left knee has gave me issues when going up and down stairs sometimes, but I could not squat and stand back up from a squatted position due to knee problems. I have laid hands on my knee and declared it healed numerous times when it’s in pain. But never tried to squat and stand up I guess because I've had it in my mind for years that I couldn't do it. Well I can now, and praise GOD!

Gaffney, SC


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